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Permanent Makeup Removal Las Vegas

A.W Brows And Lashes is the best choice for Permanent Makeup Removal Las Vegas. Our technicians are licensed and trained in laser tattoo removal. Our certified technicians specialize in permanent makeup removal, including tattoos, eyeliners, and brows. We ensure that you get the best possible results. Our commitment to our customers is second to none.


Our mission is to provide a safe, comfortable, and discreet facility for our clients to safely and permanently remove all traces of unwanted body art. We have decades of experience and are committed to providing the best possible results for our clients.




We provide the best Permanent Makeup Correction and Removal while meeting your needs and desires. We want you to feel comfortable with our methods and procedures, so we encourage you to ask any questions you may have. 


We want you to be informed about your care, so we will provide you with information about your treatment options. 


Whether or not you decide to use our Best Microblading in Las Vegas, we hope that this information will help you make an informed decision regarding your Las Vegas makeup removal.


By hiring only the best-licensed experts and state-of-the-art Laser Hair Removal in Las Vegas, we were able to achieve this objective.


We work with both men and women who have had problems with their permanent makeup procedures, and we help them remove them safely and effectively. 


We pride ourselves on providing competitive rates to all potential clients, including discounts for first-time customers.


Paul A. Cook

I have been to several places looking for a permanent makeup removal near me and found none until I found A.W Brows And Lashes. The procedure was quick, painless, and affordable. It was very convenient and I gotta go home right after. The technician was very kind and did a great job.


We provide a wide range of Microblading Training in Las Vegas. Our focus is to enhance the lives of people with unwanted tattoos or makeup by removing them permanently, safely, and affordably.

Eyebrow Tattoo Removal

We began as an eyebrow tattoo removal service, providing this specialized treatment to clients with brows that were the wrong color or shape. Our technicians have been certified by the International Eyebrow Academy to provide this service, which is more advanced than traditional eyebrow shaping techniques.

Microblading Removal

Our microblading removal service was developed in response to demand from clients who wanted us to remove their permanent makeup but didn't want to be left with bare patches of skin between their brows.

Tattoo Removal

Our tattoo removal services include both general tattoo removal and the specialized eyebrow tattoo removal we have become known for. This allows our technicians to help clients suffering from faded tattoos that they regret as well as individuals who need help managing scarring associated with poorly done tattoos.

Permanent Makeup Removal Training

We are committed to an educational experience, with certified permanent makeup removal training and our med-spa facial treatment that can revitalize your skin and rejuvenate the brow line. Our business is built on the foundation of customer satisfaction and personalized attention. We will work with you to create a custom plan that is suited to your skin tone and lifestyle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to remove permanent makeup?

The permanent makeup removal cost depends on the type of ink used. If someone has had a tattoo applied by a professional, it can cost anywhere from $50 to $250.

Can permanent makeup be removed?

Yes! It’s been proven that modern laser technology has made it possible to remove most forms of permanent makeup with little or no scarring. Many people who don’t like their tattoos can get them removed as well. However, there are some limitations to what can and cannot be removed.

Can you get a permanent tattoo removed?

The answer is yes. However, it is difficult and expensive, and the best way to remove tattoos is through laser removal. The process can take years, depending on the location and size of the tattoo. It can cost between $75 and $200 per session, with sessions usually spaced one week to one month apart.

How can I fade my permanent makeup?

There are several strategies you can employ to minimize the appearance of your permanent makeup, including Applying a warm washcloth to your eyelids for 5 minutes twice per day, Use a face cream that contains hyaluronic acid, Exfoliate your skin with a gentle facial scrub or loofah sponge once per day, Moisturize your skin at night with a light oil-free moisturizer, etc.

How long does permanent makeup last?

Several factors affect the longevity of permanent makeup, including the skin type and elasticity of the area, how well the client takes care of the area, and whether or not they have an active lifestyle. In general, it lasts between 6 months and 2 years.

Why choose us?

A.W Brows and Lashes provide permanent makeup removal training. We also offer a variety of packages that can be customized to the individual client's needs. We use high-quality products from reputable brands to deliver safe, effective treatments that improve the appearance of skin and reduce the visibility of imperfections for a naturally flawless appearance. Our team of specialists is highly-trained, certified, and extensively experienced in this specialized field.




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