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Microblading is for men and women of all ages who have thinning eyebrows. Microblading is also for anyone who wants to change their look with full natural looking brows. Imagine having the ability to go to the beach or pool and not have to worry about whether your eyebrows will be washed away with the current.

How Many Touch Ups Will You Need?

After your initial microblading procedure there is one follow-up appointment. This appointment is to perfect your brows and make any necessary changes. We can use a darker pigment if you want to go any darker or lighter if that is what you prefer.

How Long is the Microblading Healing Process?

Every person is different, and their skin is unique to who they are. The healing process can be different for everyone, but typically seven to ten days after your microblading appointment you will go through a light peeling phase. This peeling phase is similar to a peel after a sunburn, very light.


The first 72 hours after your microblading appointment are the most crucial. We provide a trade secret healing ointment that speeds up the healing process and takes away the slight discomfort after the procedure. We look forward to discussing all aspects of the healing at the time of your appointment.

What Tool is Used to Microblade?

A.W. B & L  is proud to use the highest quality blades. Our hand tool has tiny microneedles that form a blade. This blade is used to create beautiful hair-like strokes underneath the surface of the skin. By using a hand tool as opposed to a machine, our artists are able to control each crisp stroke and design a beautiful brow.

Does Microblading Your Eyebrows Hurt?

Each person has a different pain tolerance, but our artists do a wonderful job at keeping all clients comfortable. We use a topical numbing cream that sits on your brows for 30 minutes prior to beginning, as well as a gel that can be applied after the skin has been opened.

What are the Dangers of Microblading?

Microblading should only be done by a certified and experienced professional. This procedure takes an investment of time to master. We use Li pigments that have proven to be the best in the industry, allowing great results. We use disposable hand tools to maintain a clean and sanitary environment. Our artists will thoroughly explain the aftercare procedures so you get the best results from microblading.

How Long Does the Microblading Procedure Last?

The microblading procedure typically lasts anywhere between 1-2 hours. Our artists take their time crafting each stroke to perfection. All skin is different. Sometimes we go over strokes twice to achieve the perfect set of eyebrows.

Why are Touch-Ups Required?

During the healing process after the microblading procedure your brows will lose about 30-40% of the color. They will also shrink by 20%. Many time women are too scared to go too dark with the pigment and end up losing most of the color by the end of the four weeks. Also, many women are afraid of going too thick and bold. This is why touch-ups are required. We can perfect your brows in any way necessary. You won’t see the “final” result until four weeks after the touch-up.

What NOT to do After a Microblading Procedure.

Please refrain from the following things throughout the healing process of your brows:

  • Do not sweat profusely for at least ten days because it can cause the pigmentation to fade

  • Do not play sports or any other strenuous activity that causes you to sweat

  • Do not visit the swimming pool, hot tub, sauna, or Jacuzzi

  • Avoid the tanning salon for 10 days after the procedure.

  • Limit sun exposure

  • Do not tan for at least ten days after the procedure

  • Do not receive a laser treatment, facial peel, or a chemical treatment

  • Do not apply creams an ointments, containing Retin-A or Glycolic, on your face and neck

  • Do not pick, peel, or scratch your eyebrows because it can cause scarring and loss of pigment

  • Try to avoid spicy food. This can cause you to sweat, which should be avoided.

  • Prior to having your eyebrows microbladed, avoid drinking alcohol. After the procedure, limit alcohol use and smoking. This can prevent a smooth healing.

  • For the first 72 hours treat your eyebrows as an open wound. Try not to touch them with your hands, instead use a cotton-tipped swab.

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Booking an Appointment.

To make an appointment at our A.W. Brows & Lashes to have your brows transformed, you need to ask yourself the following questions first:

  • Are you pregnant?

  • Are you currently breastfeeding?

  • Have you received Botox in your forehead in the past month?

  • Do you have diabetes?

  • Are you currently on hormone therapy?

  • Are you using retinoids?

  • Are you currently taking any blood thinners?

  • Have you had any Chemical peels recently?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, give us a call to set up a consultation. If you did not find your question answered in our FAQs section, give us a call and we would be happy to answer all your questions. 

Facts about Microblading

Microblading is a semi-permanent procedure that creates beautiful natural looking brows. It does not look like a tattoo. We craft and plan each stroke we are making with a hand tool that we can easily control.

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